Our solutions and services help organizations manage technology better, connecting planning and budgeting to architecture and performance management.


FEDPASS™ delivers unprecedented levels of visibility and control over an organization's portfolio of IT services and systems. Leveraging Northramp's Unified Service Model approach, FEDPASS™ connects planning, investment management, service, system, budgeting, and architecture disciplines within a single, customizable management platform.

Strategic Planning

FEDPASS™ helps organizations connect IT planning directly to operational and project activity, creating true lines of sight between objectives and outcomes to improve performance. 

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Investment Management

FEDPASS™ supports full definition, control, and segmentation of an organization's IT services and systems, enabling complete portfolio visibility and analysis for improved management and more efficient external reporting.

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Enterprise Architecture

FEDPASS™ maps current and planned technologies to an organization's systems, turning theoretical models into truly actionable maps of where and how technologies are deployed.

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Extensible Platform

FEDPASS™ is built on a flexible, extensible, and customizable multi-user platform capable of supporting a wide range of operational scenarios and deployment models.

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