Agencies are under intense pressure to adopt advanced analytical approaches to improve thier mission effectiveness.  The technology is readily available, but where most organizations struggle is how to best consume the information for value.

The traditional focus of data analytics is on data integration, data quality, and advanced techniques for analysis .  However, with the widespread availability of cheap and accessible analytical tools, we believe the more critical need has shifted to making it easier for stakeholders to consume the information in a way that more directly translates the efforts into real mission and corporate support value.

We believe data driven insights need to be easy for users to understand and integrated into organizational processes so that the right actions can be taken based on the information.  Our focus on consumption is already embedded in the range of services and solutions we offer and our inspiration to build data visualization as an independent service offering stems from the highly positive feedback that we've received from current clients around the ways we embed visualization and analytical insights into our delivery model.

Data Visualization Assessment

The sheer number of ways data can be presented can easily be overwhelming.  Additionally, poorly visualized data that conveys little insight often works to obscure, rather then provide insight to the organization.  Using a vendor neutral approach, Northramp reviews how an organization is currently providing and consuming its data and offers insights into how to improve data consumption for improved impact.  Unlike other firms that just identify 'what' an organization can do, Northramp works with the organization to show them 'how' to modify their current analytics, visualization, and reporting approaches to drive greater value.

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Data Visualization Integration Support

Context is critical when it comes to deriving value from data analytics and visualization.  While many consultancies readily identify traditional approaches to how business processes can be more efficient and effective, Northramp goes further and works with organizations to implement mechanisms to improve business processes through enhanced and embedded data consumption.  We work directly with our clients to actively integrate data visualization capabilities into their processes and systems using an iterative approach that drives immediate value and impact.

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