Opportunity: Enterprise Architect

Northramp is looking for smart, creative individuals with an aptitude in, and passion for, helping organizations:

  1. Implement/improve their software development patterns, including an understanding of, and experience with agile and waterfall development approaches

  2. Develop/define enterprise-wide solution architectures and platforms across data, application, and interface layers

  3. Improve and evolve IT governance approaches

  4. Enhance IT planning including strategic planning, capital planning, budgeting, and strengthening the integration of each function

  5. Improve infrastructure services including evaluation of cloud-based approaches and related migration planning

  6. Plan and execute analyses of IT organizations requiring the collection, analysis, and reporting of organizational and operational findings

  7. Assess operational and project processes and identifying ways to improve them

The ideal candidate may possess varying levels of knowledge and experience across these areas but at a minimum possesses expertise in several and a general understanding of all of these areas. Unlike other firms in our space, we don't hire for specific 'slots' on a contract and we're not building an army of clones - we're looking for people with real experience across a diverse range of business and technology functions in the private and public sectors.

Position Type: Full-Time
Location: Washington, DC Metro area
Minimum Experience: 10+ years of relevant experience
Minimum Education: 4 year degree

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