Northramp's Federal Planning and Architecture Support System (FEDPASS™) helps organizations connect planning, budgeting, investment management, and architecture disciplines within an integrated solution that drives incredible visibility and control over an organization's IT service and system portfolio.

The age of IT planning and management by spreadsheets and Word documents is over. Many organizations still rely solely on productivity tools, clunky systems designed only to support external reporting, and data call after data call to collect and report IT activities. With FEDPASS™, organizations can say goodbye to painfully captured one-off snapshots and instead use a sustainable approach to managing IT planning, budgeting, and investment management.


Strategic Planning

IT organizations often invest a significant amount of time and resources in formal strategic planning. Unfortunately these efforts are frequently disconnected from real resource planning, separate from agency-wide planning processes, and lack understanding of the true projects currently planned or underway. Even when executed well, IT strategic planning processes tend to produce only one thing: glossy shelfware that doesn't help manage real operational priorities, confusing the everyday contributor as well as outside stakeholders. Leveraging the power of FEDPASS™, IT organizations can: 

  • Establish and track goals and related details such as organizational ownership and progress towards achievement

  • Connect and track supporting strategies relative to goals

  • Connect goals and strategies to individuals, organizations, investments, systems, services, and related operational and project activities that drive the intended outcomes

  • Monitor and report on activities, budgets, performance, and more by goals and/or strategies

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Investment Management

Agencies often track IT investments in multiple ways including how external oversight organizations require them to, differing budget and execution models, and still other ways that suit everyday decision-making. FEDPASS™ helps unify these models, meeting the needs of stakeholders across the agency as well as external oversight organizations. Leveraging the power of FEDPASS™, IT organizations can: 

  • Track a wide range investment details

  • Establish investment segments for portfolio analysis

  • Manage investment IDs as well as legacy UIIs

  • Connect supporting systems and services to investments

  • Integrate IT budget processes and resulting data with investments

  • Interface with financial and other related systems

  • Report on activities, budgets, performance, and more by investments and portfolio segments

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Enterprise Architecture

Understanding the true nature and use of the technologies implemented is critical for identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to consolidate and modernize aging platforms. By connecting technologies and standards directly to an organization's real portfolio of systems, FEDPASS™ enables Enterprise Architects to develop real transition plans that are accurate and inclusive of all impacted IT investments. Leveraging the power of FEDPASS™, IT organizations can: 

  • Track a range of technologies and standards details of most value to the organization

  • Connect and align technologies and standards to systems, services, and investments as well as operational and project related activities

  • Improve integration of standards into IT planning and governance processes

  • Report on technologies and standards by organization, investments, strategies, systems, services, and operational and project activity

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Extensible Platform

FedPass maintains a flexible but consistent object model that enables true insight and control while conforming to an organization’s specific needs. The data model is customizable to fit the needs of the organization and supports direct integration with other IT management tools. Organizations can depend on FEDPASS™ to meet their current and future needs because it is:

  • Built on open standards and technologies

  • Completely customizable to fit organizational processes and nomenclature

  • Flexible and expandable framework to support management and integration of additional aspects of IT management

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