The value of cloud services are well understood. The path to successful implementation? Not so much.

The general efficacy and value of public cloud alternatives for efficient delivery of infrastructure, platform, and software services is undisputed; the enumeration of which is covered in substantial reviews and studies and supported by continuous wide-scale adoption by large and small organizations alike. But getting from on premise data centers and silo'd solutions to broad use of the public cloud takes a lot of planning and specific sequencing to realize the value while successfully managing technical, operational, and mission risks.

Northramp helps organizations rapidly evaluate their current infrastructure footprint, operating posture, security functions, contract structures, and other factors to identify a path forward for migration of some or all of an organization's infrastructure services to the public cloud. Using a variety of alternatives, including hybrid cloud and cloud management platform technologies, Northramp develops realistic strategies that are planned and sequenced to facilitate transition while reducing risks.

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Public Cloud Infrastructure planning

MS Office 365® MIgration Planning

As a mechanism to drive down costs while enabling additional services, Northramp supports efforts to migrate their existing Microsoft® Office® and SharePoint® environments and licensing approaches to Office 365®. Northramp's approach includes network, licensing, and technical planning including identifying and addressing the common SharePoint® psuedo-system sites/environments that frequently inhibit migration efforts.

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Northramp helps organizations develop broader programmatic controls and strategies for governing growing portfolios of disparate cloud planning and migration projects that frequently exist across an organization. Our support includes development and implementation of cloud programs to provide centralized control and visibility, identification and management of cross-service dimensions such as security, and definition and delivery of cloud training and communication approaches to help ensure appropriate planning, implementation, and operational skills are available.

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Cloud Program Implementation & Support