A sound, well structured investment portfolio represents the DNA of an IT organization. The structure of its systems, services, operations, and projects provides the framework on which planning, budgeting, reporting, and decision-making should rely.

If your organization spends significant time and money trying to get a grip on its investments or comply with capital planning and reporting requirements, we can help you shift that investment to drive greater value for your organization. Our iterative and collaborative approach helps organizations move incrementally towards a better investment management function and our solutions help instantiate the structure with other related functions.

Portfolio Development/ Restructuring

For many organizations, the documented IT portfolio reflects an aging snapshot of what was - not what is or what will be. Relying on inadequate tools and outdated information, organizations often struggle to drive continuing value from the efforts made to capture and report on their investments. In some cases, people are simply making up information to make it fit a framework that no longer reflects reality.

Northramp helps organizations re-evaluate their portfolio's structure to better reflect the current and desired states. We also work with organizations to better integrate portfolio management into upstream and downstream processes to drive value and ensure continuing accuracy. Where necessary Northramp also helps organizations implement the appropriate IT management system(s) to better manage and fully automate portfolio management and reporting.

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CPIC/eCPIC Improvement

Capital planning and eCPIC often live in worlds of their own - forcing individuals and teams to develop artifacts no one will read or use, supplying information which isn't used for decision support. Millions are often wasted in the name of compliance to a policy that was originally intended to help ensure IT investments are better managed.

Northramp can help you better integrate capital planning into your organization's IT lifecycle processes, right-size the approach for different project types, and focus on what truly drives benefits realization. Northramp can also help your organization better leverage eCPIC as part of a broader capability focused on improving IT governance, investment direction, and performance management.

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