Increasing oversight, expanding missions, changing priorities, reduced appropriations, aging assets – these are just a few of the many issues forcing budget and spending pressures on IT organizations and their leadership. With these pressures, improving efficiency has become an essential need for organizations striving to achieve their missions and remain effective in what amounts to a fiscally dynamic environment.

However, public sector leaders, with limited information and levers, are often forced to make decisions in broad strokes, such as ‘across the board’ cuts or eliminating programs and activities that have little short term impact such as investments in training and development. The ability for leaders to understand desirable costs, those that provide a positive return or value versus those that are undesirable, represents the key to increasing efficiency while potentially improving overall effectiveness.

By applying our insight, subject matter knowledge, and specialized experience, Northramp helps our clients identify, measure and address opportunities to increase efficiency, on strategic and operational levels. northRamp assists organizations in fixing issues and realizing opportunities through a portfolio of  advisory services focused on improving the balance between cost and performance.

IT Spending Rationalization

Northramp multi-tiered spend rationalization approaches includes an assessment of the overall approach the organization uses to manage and deliver IT services, followed by the identification of ways to tactically drive efficiency, and finally what controls will help an organization stay efficient.  Delivered rapidly, Northramp's spending rationalization services help an organization identify opportunities without spending large amounts of time and money to identify them.

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IT Organizational and Contracting Effectiveness

Representing a core lever of effectiveness, the manner in which public sector IT organizations are structured along with the structure of its support contracts dictate to a large extent the effectiveness of the IT services delivered.  Northramp helps organizations assess their internal delivery and support structures as well as the optimal structures for the acquisition of IT support services.

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