How can an IT organization have a strategy when it doesn't really control its own budget, can't readily enforce standards, and doesn't even know about all I.T. investments underway?

Welcome to the public sector.

The realities for today's public sector IT leader is that policy driven management is a recipe for IT failure. Only with real operational direction and visibility can government IT leaders effectively deliver required technology services and solutions. Northramp assists IT leaders with incremental development of plans and approaches which drive improved effectiveness and efficiency while reducing IT related risks to the organization.

Governance, committees, councils, working groups - they are a way of life for many IT organizations. Whether acting as decision-making bodies or simply communications mechanisms, Northramp helps IT organizations better structure governance approaches for improved business alignment and technical efficacy; improve and streamline governance processes; and address weaknesses, risks, and bottlenecks to get governance functions back on track.

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Governance Implementation & Enhancement

IT Strategic Planning

Combining organizational strategy and capability with external technology forecasting and direction, Northramp helps government IT leaders develop actionable plans that move an organization towards improved delivery capability and transparency.  From cloud computing to web 2.0 technologies, Northramp helps organizations understand how to position themselves to realize the benefits of increasing technical enablement.

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IT Services Enhancement

The ability for your organization to understand who its customers are, the 'markets' you serve, what it is you deliver, and how well you satisfy your customers represents the fundamental difference between a well-run, high value IT organization, and one that simply represents a cog in a machine. Northramp specializes in helping organizations evolve their thinking and approach to providing products and services internally to other groups within an organization or externally to customers or stakeholders. Working with its management and staff, Northramp helps organizations:

  • Develop a customer-oriented mindset and service approach
  • Define a specific catalog of products and services that helps communicate what an organization offers
  • Develop mechanisms for tracking activity levels and costs associated with product and service delivery
  • Create mechanisms for tracking performance and satisfaction as a means for continuous improvement

The power of a customer-focused mindset and organizational approach represents a significant potential value to almost any type of organization - the benefits of Northramp's support are visible almost immediately and provide substantial long-term value to an organization long after our support has ended.

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