Opportunity: Product Manager

Northramp is looking for an individual to provide hands-on product direction, marketing, and community management for a variety of Northramp developed web-based business solutions. Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Interacting with current and prospective clients and users to understand requirements and translate requirements into solution features.

  2. Managing the platform and solution roadmaps for a variety of client-specific and multi-tenancy web solutions.

  3. Coordinating and co-managing the solution queues and work in progress in conjunction with the CTO.

  4. Creation of solution collateral and content in conjunction with marketing resources.

  5. Understanding the competitive landscape for various solutions and helping position solutions appropriately in individuals markets.

  6. Work with marketing and sales resources to build and refine the sales funnels for individual solutions.

  7. Coordinating quality assurance (QA) processes and working with QA and engineering resources to address solution improvements.

The ideal candidate may possess varying levels of knowledge and experience across these areas but at a minimum possesses expertise in several and a general understanding of all of these areas. Minimum requirements include:

  • 5 or more years of product management for one or more web-based solutions

  • A Bachelor's degree in Business or Computer Science

  • U.S. citizenship

  • The capability to receive a government clearance

Unlike other firms in our space, we don't hire for specific 'slots' on a contract and we're not building an army of clones - we're looking for people with real experience across a diverse range of business and technology functions in the private and public sectors.

Position Type: Full-Time
Location: Washington, DC Metro area
Minimum Experience: 5+ years of relevant experience
Minimum Education: 4 year degree in Business or Computer Science

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