Northramp is redefining what it means to build and deploy software solutions. Our solution pattern architecture (SPARCH) is comprised of pre-built, stable, secure, and reusable 100% MS .NET and SQL Server application components designed to enable rapid deployment of software to meet a variety of needs.

Organizations spend millions repeatedly building custom software from the ground up to meet a variety of individual requirements. In the end, every application possesses a truly unique architecture, right down to each individual line of code. If it works at all. The seemingly obvious alternative is to invest in "Off the Shelf" solutions which inevitably turn out to be anything but. After spending millions on COTS products organizations often find their work is only just beginning to customize and configure the products to meet their individual needs.

In reality, every piece of software is essentially made up of the same basic components: forms to add, edit, or view information, reports to analyze and summarize the data, notifications, security, administrative functions, and so on. Because of this, Northramp developed a collection of stable, rock-solid custom code components we call SPARCH to enable organizations to rapidly deploy software at speeds and costs that are simply unheard of compared to other firms that attempt to build software from scratch for every project.

What organizations typically charge $200K-500K to build and deploy, we can do with SPARCH for $30K-60K. And, our software just works - the base code has been tested, refined, and optimized over dozens of efforts to work out virtually every kink - all before you spend a dime on development. SPARCH components include:

  • User Interface and navigational framework
  • Menus, forms, and sub-forms
  • User-centric home/landing interface
  • User security components with optional SSO support
  • Administrative controls including picklist and solution-wide settings
  • System Help framework
  • Data visualization, including pre-configured and ad-hoc charting
  • Seamless reporting functionality using a variety of report engines
  • Business rules-driven notifications

The bottom line truth is every organization that builds custom code should be doing it this way. Unfortunately they don't. Even the biggest technology and integration firms treat every software project likes it's their first - whomever gets deployed to support the effort will use whatever they happen to know to build the solution, usually from scratch. 

One more thing: once we build the solution, the code is yours. Nothing proprietary, nothing pre-compiled, just really good MS .NET code goodness and a truly well-functioning solution.

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