We believe that each individual and every organization is naturally hard wired to excel, deliver and make a difference. This focus and commitment is in effect their 'true north'. At Northramp, our passion, our true north, is to help our clients cut through the fog and obtain technical and operational clarity to help them make the most significant impact possible. We help you figure out where you really stand, and rapidly operationalize improvements in a way that is sensitive to your environment, sustainable, and gets you back on track.

However, many organizations claim to apply a similar focus. So how are we truly different from the other 70,000 firms offering to help IT organizations improve their operations and increase efficiency?

First, we recognize that the government faces challenges unlike any other, including private sector organizations. Flat or declining budgets coupled with ever increasing demands for more support and better outcomes.

Given these challenges, public sector organizations seek help from experts who are supposed to provide real insight but instead rely on general skills and canned methodologies for delivery.

Methodologies are great, but if you pull back the cover on them, you'll see there really is little difference between most of them. We use methods all the time, but we recognize them for what they are, a starting point for sound delivery, not a roadmap for individual projects.

And where are the experts by the way? Many firms sell their expertise but then attempt to deliver with junior resources. Northramp doesn't bait and switch - we provide resources with hands-on experience planning, building, and running IT solutions and support organizations.

The end result of efforts to drive improvement using general consultants relying on canned methods is that you end up at the end with nothing more than a stack of recommendations or worse, going off a cliff. In the end all you've accomplished is spending your budget and burning up goodwill.

Our approach instead focuses on the real challenge: actually implementing good ideas. We structure our support and provide resources that focus on producing results, not paper through rapid piloting, followed by broader implementation.

While our competitors strive for 'Completing deliverableS', Our goal is to embed real change and continuous improvement into the DNA of your organization. 

The Northramp team has supported a broad range of private and public sector technology organizations for more than 20 years. Our management and staff possess the high levels of business and technical acumen required to ensure investments result in the benefits and return our clients seek.

For additional corporate or services related information, please contact us at info@northramp.com.